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for low interest rates and the stock market. the fed says anything done by the damage done by the economy, it would be another reason for the fed to hold off on trimming its stimulus. again, keeping interest rates low and keeping stock markets high. >> can we switch gears and talk about something that caught my eye. >> this is breaking news, actually. >> it is a problem. a global wine shortage? >> breaking news. it is true, zoraida. you can start stockpiling in your basement. there's not enough wine in the world. the industry is experiencing an undersupply of 300 million cases a year. this is according to a research report by morgan stanley. that's despite the fact wine producers make 2.8 billion cases of wine a year. still not enough to keep up with global demand. rising global demand. production actually fell last year because of bad production in france and argentina. the biggest producers of wine. france -- >> france, united states and china. discipline credible. >> 400 million cases a year. we consume. my question is is this good for folks who have local wineries, perhaps, right? >>
program, its stimulus before the economy is healthy enough to stand on its own that could stop it. no question the fed is a huge reason the stocks have done so well this year when stocks barely moved when they failed to extend the stimulus measure last week but maybe we me more to keep this rally going. futures are up this morning. government calling in the big guns. is a disaster and the government is calling in help from employees from google and oracle are joining the tech surge to fix the site after the site crashed two times this week. kathleen sebelius said the website has cost $174 million so far and more probably to fix it. >>> starting today $5 billion is cut from the food stamp program. that means less grocery money for millions. the cuts will vary by family but this is typically a family of four getting 668 a month would lose about $36. food stamp benefits were raised during the recession and temporary increase to the program and that expires today. in 2007, 26 million people were using snap as they call it, supplemental food benefits and compared that to al
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3